Сайт №1 для знакомств с трансами в сети!
Сайт №1 для знакомств с трансами в сети!


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Sparkling personality

Возраст 51 из Baltimore, Maryland - Онлайн Сейчас
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 40 миль)

Spontaneous, caring, and willingness to pleasure my ltr partner

CD looking to date a woman

Возраст 21 из Baltimore, Maryland Онлайн - 3 дн. назад
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Женщину (в 43 миль)

Just a dude who loves femininity. I cross dress for fun when I get the chance and would like to do it more often, but I'm also comfortable as a guy. I'm looking for a woman who accepts but preferably likes that I cross dress, but I don't have to be a...

White TS Masseuse

Возраст 47 из Jackson Heights, New York Онлайн - Вчера
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 224 миль)

I'm very, very, experienced and know very well how to perform a plus professional massage. Well mannered, clean, descrte and, a great talker with a nice sense of humor.

Looking for friends

Возраст 27 из Cleveland, Ohio Онлайн - 2 дн. назад
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Женщину (в 278 миль)

I am a Pre-op MtF transgender lesbian, so plz NO MEN. I am only interested in cis-gender and other transgender women. I am currently only looking for friends. If we hit it off and it leads somewhere more, that's fine but I'm really only interested in...

SexyCD looking for fun

Возраст 31 из Madison Heights, Michigan Онлайн - 4 дн. назад
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 379 миль)

New to cross dressing, have a nice petite figure, natural smooth bod. looking for new friends to have fun with

Tattoes and muscles makes me....

Возраст 35 из Toronto, Ontario Онлайн - 4 дн. назад
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 336 миль)

Sexy and laidback, no party scene though I can be fun somewhere where we can just be alone

Older TS seeks love

Возраст 52 из Kingston, Ontario Онлайн - Сегодня
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 364 миль)

I am a very down-to-earth and caring person. I worked in the helping professions for much of my life. When I wasn't with my partner, I preferred to be alone: hiking, jogging, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. I love dancing. My partner taught me...


Возраст 43 из Sparta, Tennessee Онлайн - Вчера
ТС/ТВ/ТГ ищет Мужчину (в 487 миль)

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